This was the first bit of video proof of the "weird shift".

Good Shift
Weird Shift 1
Weird Shift 2

Here they started talking to Terry about the torque tables. This was shortly after NFZ or Shift Sector where he had a failed shift into 5th.

At this point Dave says he's forwarding it to Pat, but when I talked to them on the phone a few days later, no one had even seen that there was a transmission code thrown.

It takes a few days to hear back from Level 10 anytime I try to call them. On Friday June 12th, I spoke with Ryan. He apologized for how long it was taking anyone to get back to me and told me if I just had the transmission pulled and shipped to them, they would fix it. I explained that I had already spent $650 for labor the first time and another $400 in fluid and I was not going to pay to have that done again since this is their fault. The transmission had been having problems since the first day it was installed. I said, "If you all will cover the travel expenses, I'll bring the car up to you.". Ryan then said he'd get an itinerary ready for me Monday.

Didn't end up receiving an itinerary, so I sent them one showing the anticipated travel expenses.

August 10, 2015 - 1125

Called Level 10 to let them know the "weird shift" issue was hardware related all along. The call recordings are available upon request. Federal law permits recording phone conversations provided one party (myself) consents to the recording. KY and NJ don't implement "every party consent" laws.

August 11, 2015 - 1510

Tried calling back the next day since I didn't hear back from anyone. I still never got that call from Pat I was promised a few weeks ago btw.

August 11, 2015 - 1532

Pat's wife calls back and just keeps requesting codes (relating to the 5th gear issue), not even trying to deal with the first issue (the failed solenoids). If I sound upset it's because I've been dealing with this crap since April and nothing ever gets done. She says, "I can't answer that." If you can't answer the questions, at least put me in touch with someone who can. I truly don't think I'm asking for too much here.